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Beach tree labs

Beech Tree Labs has developed a novel drug development platform known as resonant molecular signaling (RMS), that aims to address a wide range of illnesses by restoring normal cellular communications and correcting various imbalances triggering problems. The company opted to go virtual for their next Phase 2, FDA-authorized clinical trial to evaluate the effect of Beech Tree’s BT-TML therapy targeting COVID-19 patients. Although many companies have moved to at least some provisional virtual or hybrid approach during the pandemic, Beech Tree Labs took another step toward a permanent move to virtual trials by partnering with Curavit Clinical Research for a fully decentralized trial. The Park City, Utah-based venture has an ambitious plan to disrupt the operation of clinical trials, accelerating timelines and reducing cost while maintaining if not improving quality with improved, patient-centric care.

Move to Decentralized or Virtual Trials more than ‘Flipping a Switch’

Recently, TrialSite writer Joseph Constance assessed the emerging virtual clinical trials landscape particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an earlier piece, Constance suggested the move to decent…

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