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September 9, 2020

E Moyo

There’s more than one way to architect a decentralized clinical trial (DCT). While this flexible model has many benefits, it can be overwhelming to bring together all the right elements to operationalize a trial that’s predominantly digital. Every trial is unique, so it is not realistic to templatize (impose a standard implementation template on) a DCT. But four common, fundamental components combine to facilitate a seamless, patient-centric DCT.
“It’s like a trial in a box, but each box is a little bit different,” said Steve Rosenberg, CEO of a cloud-based platform company that powers decentralized clinical trials. Even with a DCT’s inherent optionality, foundational components can ease implementation and improve execution.

New solution allows patients to participate in clinical trials from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Curavit Clinical Research, a virtual research organization, and eMoyo USA, LLC, the USA representative of eMoyo, a global leader in healthcare technology, today
announced a partnership to pave the way for hearing research studies to continue
during the COVID-19 pandemic. Curavit’s virtual team of audiologists remotely monitor the hearing of research subjects in their homes using the eMoyo KUDUwave™ Pro boothless audiometer. This portable, high-frequency audiometer enables a booth-free operation and extended high frequency hearing test up to 16 kHz, making the KUDUwave™ Pro the ideal solution for virtual or hybrid clinical trials which require audiology end points.

“With KUDUwave™ boothless diagnostic audiometers we can now test patients in their homes without compromising on the quality of testing and without having to transport and maintain an audiometric booth. Given COVID-19, this provides a lower health risk for the study subjects, as the soundbooth could be a source of cross contamination.” says Grant Talbot, of eMoyo.

Prior to every planned audiology test date, a Curavit Study Team member sends a
pre-configured laptop and a KUDUwave headset to each study subject’s home. Working directly with the study subject, a Curavit audiologist initiates a telemedicine visit where they perform a thorough, high quality audiometric evaluation. The final data is securely transferred to the Curavit Study Team, where it is stored in a secure and validated system.

“With this unique technology, teamwork, and our proprietary protocols, a clinical trial subject performs a comprehensive hearing test in less than an hour, all from the comfort of their home,” said Dr. Pam Diamond, Otolaryngologist, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Curavit. “KUDUwave combines the audiometer, headset and required components into a single, portable, lightweight device weighing only half a pound and it is controlled remotely by our audiologists using a laptop and telemedicine software. This process may shorten the trial timeline, and minimizes the potential for trial disruption due to COVID-19.”

“We are honored to partner with eMoyo and to work together to bring these
best-in-class offerings to virtual and hybrid clinical trials. Though catalyzed by the
coronavirus pandemic, this solution makes participation in these types of trials far easier for many more patients, regardless of where they live, work and study; thus ensuring richer data and better research outcomes well into the future.” says Dave Hanaman, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Curavit.

About Curavit Clinical Research

Curavit is a new type of clinical research company that designs and executes decentralized – also called “virtual” trials. Curavit brings together the world’s leading researchers, enrolls previously untapped and underserved patient populations, applies machine learning algorithms to health and social engagement information, and leverages leading telehealth, patient data platform, and medical device technologies.

About eMoyo

eMoyo is a team of passionate designers, engineers, clinicians and dreamers working to make the world a better place, by creating the technology that gives the world access to quality healthcare. This includes advocating for policy change, health implementation science and the development of technology that empowers healthcare providers to reach further and do more. Founded by Dr Dirk Koekemoer, eMoyo is an ISO13485 company renowned for producing high quality, innovative technology and services.


Dave Hanaman, Chief Commercial Officer, Curavit

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