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February 18, 2020

There’s more than one way to architect a decentralized clinical trial (DCT). While this flexible model has many benefits, it can be overwhelming to bring together all the right elements to operationalize a trial that’s predominantly digital. Every trial is unique, so it is not realistic to templatize (impose a standard implementation template on) a DCT. But four common, fundamental components combine to facilitate a seamless, patient-centric DCT.
“It’s like a trial in a box, but each box is a little bit different,” said Steve Rosenberg, CEO of a cloud-based platform company that powers decentralized clinical trials. Even with a DCT’s inherent optionality, foundational components can ease implementation and improve execution.

Industry veterans Joel Morse and Dave Hanaman announce the formation of a company to lead into the future of clinical trials.

Curavit was founded to help realize the potential of decentralized trials. Mssrs. Morse and Hanaman come to Curavit with over twenty five years of experience, founding, building, and running successful technology-enabled healthcare companies.

● The $70 billion global clinical trials market continues to grow , while the success rate of trials continues to decline, often due to lack of enrollment and participation by patients and doctors.
● New technologies and new approaches offer an opportunity to both increase success rates and decrease the costs of traditional clinical trials.
● Virtual clinical trials take advantage of these trends and opportunities.
● Just a small percentage of trials today, virtual trials are projected to increase geometrically due to their advantages.

“Curavit is the result of our desire to solve growing challenges to the important work of drug discovery.” said Joel Morse , Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Curavit. “By combining experience, technology, and solid execution, we will bring cutting-edge research to previously untapped and underserved patient populations.” Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder Dave Hanaman added:
“We are fortunate to have worked with some of the most respected companies and visionary people in the life sciences industry, and are honored by the support we are receiving from them for this effort.”


Curavit Clinical Research takes a clean sheet approach to clinical trial design and execution. Optimized on a new “virtual” – or decentralized – model, the company supports patients’ participation from wherever they live, across the country, and around the globe. Curavit teams with distinguished principal investigators in specific therapeutic classes, works from archetypal investigational sites in major research hubs, leverages best-in-class industry standard patient data platforms and mobile health devices to collect, manage and protect patient data. By applying advanced data analytic algorithms to patient information and real world evidence, Curavit partners with healthcare entities to identify, qualify, and enroll patients in approved clinical trials. Curavit plans to open its first site in Boston this summer.


Dave Hanaman, Chief Commercial Officer

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