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Curavit Clinical Research Business Development Manager Natalia Husby explains the skillset and shares advice that has helped her discover her role as a woman in the life sciences industry. “I went to college, I studied psychology, then over to neuroscience to learn the biological mechanisms behind behavior, and then from there I went into biotech, and now I’m in clinical research,” she explains. “Three skills are important to anyone who excels in science: One is the curiosity and desire to learn because in science there are always new things to learn. The other two go hand in hand: Persistence and resilience, because so many things go wrong in science, in life, in business, and it’s important to not get discouraged when things don’t go according to plan. In those opportunities where things don’t go as expected, learn from those experiences, and drive yourself forward.” Look for this and similar content in your DIA Global Forum.

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